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I really love shells, capiz ! hopefully next year we'll have our every 2 yrs vacation! I will definitely buy a souvenir..Great pictures !!!


hey sidney! how are you? hope all is well. you make me miss home. *sigh*


I like the colourful shells. :)


hi sidney, thanks for dropping by my site, i have added you into my blogroll, hope for an exchange, more power!

Ashish Sidapara

Surely lot of effort would have gone into making that, nice series!


These handicraft sa ilalim ng tulay are a lot cheaper,too!

But bit risky lang

Nice shots as usual


I love this series, Sidney! I wish I was there to shop!


Smiling friendly faces as always.
People seem really friendly in the Philippines ! :)


i love souvenir items to bits! hehe :)

Rock Kauser

And it looks like they have plenty of stock!

Major Tom

These are very well-made products. I am sure most of them are of export quality and are in fact being exported to other countries.

Sophie (Ti Taz)

It's been long time, sorry. Well, I de enjoy your blog even more than ever... I miss the Philippines so much...


Your market scenes are fantastic! Well done.


Under the Bridge: fantastic number by the RHCP.
Love the guy smiling at us in the last picture, look like a very sympathetic person!
What rubbish they sell over there under the bridge!


Love the colours in this series!


Lovely shot , wonderful vivid colours


Tes photos sont un pur moment de bonheur pour moi chaque fois, car elles expriment avec justesse, la joie de vivre du peuple Philippins.

haggis basher

Every square inch taken up! I'm amazed sometimes that just about all the sidewalk is used up by such sellers. In the first shot they have used all of the bridge support to hang there goods on.


Oh I want to travel to the Philippines.. your photo give me a glimps. THANX !!:-)


Wonderful handicrafts. In Malaysia, we have handicrafts made with rattan too.



Sydney, i was in Kiapo yesterday, i took a picture of you for my serie of my revealed men...after the veiled.. agree?


I would love to have handicrafts to decorate my home. Lovely images.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Just look at all those wonderful handicrafts. It looks like a perfect place to buy gifts especially as "pasalubong" for friends abroad.


Very nice shot's of the art craft!


je suis allé faire un tour à quiapo et pas une photo digne de ce nom :(

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